Previous work of Jebal Development

Previous work of Jebal Development

Previous work of Jebal Development


Jebal Development Company has a distinguished business history since its establishment in 2010 in New Cairo, specifically in the areas of Al-Andalus, Beit Al-Watan, North House, and New Narges. 

From day one, the idea was to build a strong brand in the real estate development sector. The common question was what is the added value that will be given to customers as a kind of distinction for them and the company’s distinction from the real estate market? In order for the company to obtain these answers, it was necessary to work hard and organize, which enables the company to meet its desires and goals.


In the implementation of the company’s vision and commitment towards its customers, the company has recently delivered its various residential projects in the Andalus district in New Cairo, as the company believes in the importance of delivering customers according to the dates agreed upon in advance, which is one of the most important factors that attract the customer and make him trust the name of the company.


Jebal Developments projects in Andalus

The projects of Jebal Development in New Cairo, which are now being delivered in the Al-Andalus neighborhood, vary between separate buildings and mini-compounds, which are only the beginning of many successes. These projects are Blue Heights Mini Compound, consisting of buildings 187 and 189. As for the residential buildings the separate ones are: Building 19, Building 6, Building 77, Building 554, Building 25, Building 15, Building 83, Building 1, and finally Building 94.


Each building in the Al Andalus district in the Fifth Settlement is distinguished by its own architectural design, which was built with the highest efficiency and quality. By providing a quiet life amidst the greatest luxury for the customer. The company also took care of the interior finishes of each building and contracted with major contracting companies to carry out the interior and exterior finishes, in addition to paints, marble, and elevators, which were contracted with companies that provide the highest quality raw materials to ensure excellence and sophistication in finishing in a manner that is consistent with the aspirations of customers.


Jebal Development is interested in meeting the desires of its customers in the first place, in addition to providing complete safety and seriousness in the implementation of projects while achieving the equation with the best quality and the best price. The thing that attracts many customers to feel comfortable and safe in dealing with the company. Jebal Development added to its clients the possibility of internally dividing their residential units, which makes the process more comfortable when obtaining the unit according to his own standards and conditions that he wishes to implement, taking into account that no change affects other clients.


Jebal Developments projects 

Jebal Developments owns multiple other projects in different areas, such as Beit Al-Watan, New Narges, and North House in the Fifth Settlement, which ensures the multiplicity of the locations of these projects and their different locations within New Cairo, in a way that ensures the proximity of the projects to many vital areas in Greater Cairo.


The company’s projects under construction remain superior to the pre-announced schedule for the delivery of their units to customers, taking into account the need for delivery according to high standards and extreme accuracy that fulfill the promises made in advance. “بناة التجمع الخامس” This is what Jebal Development is nicknamed due to its many successes over the course of 13 years in various areas of New Cairo. In addition to the company having great engineering expertise due to the work of the company’s Charmain, Dr. Ahmed Al-Eter, on designing many major works inside and outside Egypt, such as Platinum Club “Sabbour”, Jabal Al-Zeit Petrol Station, Uptown Cairo, and he also had the opportunity to work on the expansions of the Prophet’s Mosque, expansions Grand Mosque in Mecca, Palm Jumeirah Dubai, Doha Metro and Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Airport in Kuwait.


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