Excavation work begins

Excavation work begins

Excavation work begins

Jebal Development puts into consideration and priorities the safety and security of its customers, which is the quality of after-sales, and is considered an integral part of the company’s logo.

Jebal Company has carried out the necessary studies for all its existing projects, including those that are still under construction, in a way that secures the company’s position towards high prices and the high price of raw materials. A major contracting company has also been contracted to start implementation and ensure speed and quality in the implementation of the largest projects of the New Administrative Capital.


About Jebal Development

 Jebal Developments is considered one of the leading companies in the contracting and real estate development sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where the company was launched in 2010 as a huge contracting company that owns many projects throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Since day one, Jebal Developments has worked to adopt a sophisticated and comprehensive concept in the field of construction and building, as Jebal Real Estate is based on a long experience of more than twenty years in the field of construction and building, adopting the spirit of innovation and innovation. And it is constantly looking for the added value that it can provide to customers to represent for them a breakthrough and a real shift in the concept of elegant and ideal housing while offering competitive prices so that its projects represent a unique opportunity for those looking for housing and investment.


Over 10 years of achieving remarkable successes in the field of contracting and real estate development in various promising areas in Egypt, Jebal Real Estate aspires to develop and build new urban communities that are characterized by luxury and sophistication in the finest modern cities. (The Compound) in the most prestigious modern cities in New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement, as it is building one of the largest projects in the New Administrative Capital.


About JD Holding

 Jebal Development is part of JD Holding, which was established to develop a large number of real estate projects in excellent and distinguished areas, especially in the New Administrative Capital. As a result of the increased demand for the new administrative capital city due to the huge and distinct investment opportunities and also the expected density of the new administrative capital project and its need for many projects to serve the residential, commercial, and administrative sectors and the world’s trend to provide smart cities. JD Holding includes many mega projects in its plan in the coming times and development in the New Administrative Capital. The company relies mainly on self-financing in the implementation of projects and enjoys financial stability that ensures the development of its projects at specified times.

It was called بناة التجمع الخامس, Jebal Development because it owns many residential projects in the Fifth Settlement in several different areas such as Beit Al Watan, Al Andalus, and Al Narges. In continuation of the efforts of Jebal Company in serving its customers and its commitment to the agreements concluded, despite the many challenges and difficulties that the company faces due to inflation and the rise in the price of the dollar more than once, the company has started excavation operations for one of its largest projects in the New Administrative Capital and finished it ahead of schedule. Specified, which was scheduled for 2023.


Dr. Ahmed Al-Eter, Chairman of JD Group, visited the project and praised the speed and accuracy of implementation. He also highlighted the importance of continuing in this way until the project is delivered according to the specified timetable at the latest. Eng. Abdullah Gabr, CEO of Jebal Development, stressed the importance of following the previously announced deadlines, as the company realizes the importance of fulfilling agreements and that it considers the basis of trust and building a relationship and a good impression of our customers on the company.





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