Bait AlWatan or New Narges

Bait AlWatan or New Narges

Bait AlWatan or New Narges


Bait Al Watan Location

Beit Al Watan is located in New Cairo, exactly in Fifth Settlement, and it is one of the Urban Communities Authority’s projects. Bait Al Watan is located on an area of ​​4,200 acres and is distinguished by its unique geographical location, considered one of the closest neighborhoods to the New Administrative Capital. 

Bait Al Watan is also located minutes away from the  Suez Road, Al Rehab City, and Madinaty. The area contains 8 different neighborhoods (the first district to the eighth district) near the club’s area, The View Zone, and North and South Teseen Street.


Jebal Real Estate Development always cares about the details, and high-quality of standards, starting from the speed of construction and the materials used, to delivering units at the agreed-upon scheduled timing, bearing in mind the design and finishes. Jebal Company designs all its units in a modern European style to suit different targeted customers.


New Narges Location

The New Narges area is located specifically in the Fifth Settlement, which is considered a completion of Narges Villas and Al Narges Buildings. The area of ​​​​the New Narges is 230 acres area of land. The area contains 7 different neighborhoods (A-B-C-D-E-F-G), and each neighborhood has its own service area and green spaces.

New Narges is one of the most vital areas in the Fifth Settlement due to the presence of many residential, commercial, and educational areas, in addition to the service areas. The biggest indication of the state’s interest in this location is the speed of infrastructure construction, roads, and services. Also, Jebal Real Estate Company took care of the details that make its projects unique, such as designs that follow the European style, in addition to distinctive interior finishes.


Jebal projects in new Narges are planned to be delivered in 2025 according to the set schedule. New Narges is distinguished by its proximity to 90th Street and the Clubs area, which makes it located near multiple residential, commercial projects, and service areas that make the area more vibrant and lively.


Types of units Bait Al Watan

The building areas in Beit Al Watan are 50% of the total land area, which ensures that there are sufficient spaces for green areas and roads. Also, the units in Beit Al Watan vary between apartments of various sizes, duplexes, and standalone villas, the apartments start from 120 meters and exceed 350 meters, which provides diversity that attracts different clients to invest based on their desire.


Types of units in New Narges

The built-up area of ​​the new Al-Narges is 50% of the land area, in a way that guarantees green and wide spaces. The area consists of a variety of apartments, duplexes, and villas. The units’ spaces vary, starting from 90 meters for residential apartments and up to 400 meters for standalone villas.


Average meter prices in Bait Al Watan

Beit El Watan is recognized for its low prices compared to the rest of New Cairo, as the average price per meter in the area starts from 14,500EGP. Despite the fact that prices of construction materials are continuous, Jebal Company has set prior plans that reduce the risk of increasing unit prices, therefore it has been able to compete in the area with average prices of 9500EGP per meter. 


Meter prices in New Narges

Jebal Company has set an average price per meter of 12,500 EGP, while the average price per meter in the New Narges area is 15,500 EGP, bearing in mind that prices are constantly increasing due to the high prices of petroleum products and construction materials.


Payment methods in Bait Al Watan

Jebal Real Estate Development Company has provided payment plans of installments up to 7 years, which encourages customers to own their units at reasonable prices and comfortable installment periods.


New Narges payment methods

In addition to the services and features that characterize new Narges and the suitable prices per meter, Jebal Company is characterized by convenient payment methods that reach up to 7 years of installments, which attracts customers to invest in the region due to the multiple payment systems provided.


Borders of Bait Al Watan from the west

  • Clubs area (Al Ahly Club – Platinum Club – Al Jazira Club)
  • North Ninety Street


 Borders of Bait Al Watan from the east

  • The middle ring road that connects New Cairo with the Administrative Capital


Borders of Bait Al Watan from the south

  • Bin Zayed Southern Axis



Borders of Bait Al Watan from the north

  • Suez Road
  • Proximity to Madinaty, El Shorouk, and Mostakbal City


New Narges borders from the east

  • Mohamed Nagib axis.


New Narges borders from the west

  • German University in Cairo
  •  Fatima Al Sharbatly Mosque


New Narges borders from the north

  • North Ninety Street
  • Southern Ninety Street
  • Mountain View Square
  • The American University in Cairo


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