About Us


JEBAL seeks to be a spectacular example for its clients and exceed all expectations by offering unique residential and commercial buildings at the highest standards of luxury and quality, where we offer our clients the perfect units with the least competitive prices, the company also seeks to develop and build new residential communities which delivers modernity for it to be the leading company in Egypt and the Arab world.


JEBAL Developments aims to leverage the residential level and efficiency in Egypt according to the latest modern systems and under the supervision of the largest design houses for elegant buildings and major luxuries for the clients to enjoy. JEBAL elevates its human resources as they are considered the prioritized and primary tool of success and development, which accomplishes a major effect on both managerial and engineering success that reflects on the success of its projects.

Our Values

• Quality

• Innovation and Creativity

• Team Work

• Honesty and Integrity

• Constant pursue of customer satisfaction

• Mutual respect between Co-workers

• Initiative spirit and constant innovation

Founder Dr. Ahmed El-Eter

With more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship around the world, Dr. Ahmed El-Eter has gained a combination of academic, engineering consultancy, and construction experience. Being one of the youngest icons in the world of entrepreneurship, they called him “the money maker”.

CEO Engineer Abdullah Gabr

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Structural Civil Engineering from the German University in Cairo, and then completed his studies with a preliminary master’s thesis that discussed structural engineering and standard FIDIC contracts. He started his career with Jebal Real Estate Development Company as a project manager and supervised the construction of more than 25 projects, most of them in the Andalus region of the Fifth Settlement.