JEBAL developments is one of the leading companies in real estate development and contracting fields, and its first launch was back in 2010 were the company has a precedent of designs and proposals for lots of projects inside and outside of Egypt.
JEBAL has worked on creating a modern and elegant concept in the construction field based on a long experience that has extended for almost 12 years adapting to the spirit of innovation and renewability.
JEBAL is always seeking to satisfy its customers and providing added value by achieving an integrated service from the purchasing phase up till the after sales services and delivery, for the company to represent the true transition towards the concept of luxurious and perfect accommodation with competitive pricing for those who are willing to live and invest.
As a result for a vast experience in the field of construction JEBAL looks forward to build and construct large urban communities in various new Egyptian areas, New Administrative Capital and New Cairo to enter the classification of owning companies for private residential communities.

The company diversifies its projects, as JEBAL owns a variety of residential, commercial, medical and administrative units in the heart of the fifth settlement.